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Changes, SCAA Boston, and La Marzocco
Changes, SCAA Boston, and La Marzocco
Posted April 13, 2003 2:05pm
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La Marzocco controls

Some changes afoot around the website, including the addition of a new page (and soon to be multiple pages): The Ultimate: La Marzocco has been added.

Make sure you check it out. It gives the scoop on this 110V wonder, how I ended up with the machine, and most importantly: what you can do to get a La Marzocco machine into your home, if you want one bad enough.

SCAA Boston, Baybee
Well, the time draws near, and this will probably be my last CoffeeKid CafeTalk before I hit the road on a trip that will eventually lead to Boston and the annual SCAA Trade Show and Conference. Jeanette and I leave next Thursday, very early AM, on a plane to Ottawa, so I can spend the Easter holiday with my Mom and family. The day after Easter Monday we hop the short haul flight to Boston M.A. where initially I hoped I would have two days' vacation time with Jeanette before delving into the show stuff. But my schedule is so hectic and jam packed, I fear I won't have a lot of free time leading up to the Friday evening "hi how are ya" get together before the official start to the trade show.

I'm judging in the US Barista championships, and Sherri Johns, one of the organizers, asked me to attend the Judge's camp Thursday morning before the competition starts (Thursday afternoon). Friday, I'm covering the competition again, and meeting with some folks from the SCAA. Saturday morning, I've organized a breakfast with some of the folks I love and admire in the business of coffee, then there are seminars to cover. and the finals of the US competition. The trade show floor opens at noon, but I have a list of four things to do in the afternoon. A dinner is planned for the evening (two, actually), then it's off to my hotel room to submit a Day One report to the CoffeeGeek site.

Sunday's even more hectic - more seminars, the World Barista championship starts, then the eMember Social which I am helping to organize. Another dinner, then back to the hotel to file a Day Two report. In fact, I don't have any scheduled time to visit the trade show floor, unless I drop or or two items on my itinerary.

Monday. My scare day. I am giving one seminar in front of at least 100 people (or so I've been told), then moderating a panel discussion group in a room that can handle over 200 people. Gulp. The WBC finals to cover, three meetings set up, video taping a walking tour of the trade show floor being done by Don Schoenholt. and walking the trade show floor on my own. Back to the hotel to file a final report, then it's off to bed.

Tuesday, I pack up my "schwag" and ship it to Pt. Roberts, and get to the airport by 3pm for the two-stage (via Montreal) flight home.

Man, I'm just exhausted reading that stuff, and I only covered maybe a quarter of what I've got scheduled.

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