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Vacuum Brewers
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Since my first fascination with vacuum brewers, I've bought more than a few of them. In fact, at last count I was up to 37 vacuum brewers, including balance brewers (side by side), 70 year old antiques, and ultra modern electronic models.  Why so many? The thing is, they are a bit of forgotten history, and I'm a student of history. But am also completely fascinated by them, and the coffee they produce.

This section might just end up being the largest "sub" section of this entire website. I've got a lot of content to add regarding vac pots, including the one and only FAQ on the subject (well, I don't know of any others out there), photos of some of my favourite models, and even a how-to on brewing with one. I hope you enjoy.

Parts in this Section
The Vacuum Brewer FAQ Vacuum Brewing Method
Still not quite 1.0, but here it is, one of the most complete FAQs online for vacuum brewing enthusiasts. Updated for the new site. [ more ] A step by step view (with pictures) on how to use a vacuum brewer. Note, this takes you to my photo directory within this site. [ more ]
Are Vacuum Brewers Different? Vacuum Brewer Hey Day
Check out this short piece that I wrote in the newsgroup, and expanded upon. It details minor differences in today's vacuum brewers. [ more ] Here's a little article going back to 1999 that I decided to leave very much intact, warts and all. It's a history of vacuum brewers. [ more ]

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