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When I first wrote a home roasting page back in 1998, I was a neophyte. I had a popcorn popper, and a lot of internet advice, and supplies from the online Mecca of home roasting, Sweet Marias and Thom Owen, its proprietor. But once I tried it, I knew I would never give it up.

Home roasting your own coffee can provide a near quantum leap in quality depending on what you like to brew. If you're into espresso, it's a sure fire way to almost guarantee 100% crema on all the shots you pull, good or bad. Fortunately, we have a few more roasting tools to choose these days, but there still isn't many on market - maybe the next few years will see an increase in consumer roasters.

Take a look at the following sections that cover homeroasting. I hope to add to this section from time to time as I discover new ways to roast coffee, new tools to do it, or new discoveries.

Parts in this Section
The Current Setup A Home Roasting Primer
Here's what I got in my current arsenal for home roasting, complete with tiny micro reviews of each product. [ more ] What's the deal about home roasting? What did the past hold? What about today? And what about the future? Find out! [ more ]
Home Roasting Progression  
Just like my espresso progression, I have one for home roasting as well, an here it is! [ more ]  

If you have any interesting links on home roasting or would like to see a special feature or how to on the subject, please email me but also keep in mind I do get quite a volume of mail through this site and cannot answer it all.

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Home roasting is simple. All you need is a hot air popcorn popper, two metal (mesh) collanders, a needle thermometer, and a scale. Inside this section of the CoffeeKid site, you'll find lots of info on how to get started in the homeroasting game, and hopefully you'll see how simple it really is!

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- Macaw Coffee (Canada)
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- Hearthware Roasters
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Tips and Tricks
Some folks have websites that show you how to modify poppers, roasters, and how to blend coffee. This is a growing list - email me if you want yours added.

Silencing the Banshee
Quick mods to the Hearthware Precision to cure the screech.