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What I love and dont' love about Coffee
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Love and hate

Ever since last fall, many folks have been calling me a "coffee professional". It's weird because I don't sell anything. I don't sell a service in the coffee biz. I don't sell a product. That's my definition of a professional - someone who makes money on this thing. But the moniker sticks.

I think that puts me in a unique position. I've had some papers call me the "most knowledgeable person in consumer coffee and espresso in the US" (which is funny, since I'm in Canada), but I don't necessarily have any interests to protect - if I say something the wrong way, I don't have "contracts" or "orders" to lose. I also am very cognizant of something else: my words have power. I'm wary and afraid of that. I've had some dealers praise me to the moon just because I thought a product they had was awesome, and I've been threatened with lawsuits when I posted some negative thoughts about products.

So what am I rambling about? Well, there's things I love about coffee, and things that I don't like much. Much of this is business observations, not necessarily the taste of a product. For a long time, I kept this list on my local computer to "keep it real", because I work hard to be honest with everyone I talk to about coffee - be it you, the reader of the various sites I maintain, or the industry pros I talk with on a daily basis.

It got so long, that it seemed natural to post it here as something I'll update from time to time.

Parts in this Section
Things I don't like about Coffee Things I love about coffee and espresso
Just as there are many things to celebrate in coffee, there are some things that I dispise in the realm of the beverage. This isn't meant to be vindictive - it's meant to educate. [ more ] This one could go on forever. There are so many things to love about coffee, espresso, and the business. Passion levels run high. Let's explore and celebrate. [ more ]

This article is not meant to be a vindictive piece at all, which is why I don't name names (with very few exceptions) in the negative portion. My want here is to celebrate some awesome things about coffee, while hopefully educating those responsible for some of the negative things about the drink.

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